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Livres blancs couvrant les problèmes de l'industrie d'assurance et de gestion des réclamations. Les livres blancs actuelles ne sont disponibles qu'en anglais. Les livres blancs en français seront affichées dès qu'elles seront disponibles.

Contingent Business Interruption: An Increasing Global Risk

By Crawford Global Technical Service

This paper explores how CBI has evolved over recent years and why it is such a hot topic in today's market. It considers the specific issues involved from various perspectives - the insured, the insurer and the loss adjuster.

The Summer Floods of 2007 and the Pitt Review

By Benedict Burke, CEO of Crawford & Company - U.K. & Ireland

Benedict Burke offers his thoughts on the 2007 U.K. summer floods and the subsequent Pitt Review, which evaluated the response to the catastrophic event.