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Livres blancs couvrant les problèmes de l'industrie d'assurance et de gestion des réclamations. Les livres blancs actuelles ne sont disponibles qu'en anglais. Les livres blancs en français seront affichées dès qu'elles seront disponibles.

Reducing Absence Costs

A Crawford & Company (Canada) Inc. Insurance Industry Update

Absenteeism costs Canadian businesses billions of collars a year. This update explores what drives the cost of absences and offers employers advice on how to control those expenses and return healthy employees to work in a timely manner.

Disaster Planning

A Crawford & Company (Canada) Insurance Industry Update

Despite being host to many of the world's most costly disasters in the past two decades, North America's business community seems to be ill-equipped to deal with such events. While most large firms have business continuity plans in place, few small businesses appear to. This update outlines how to plan for catastrophes and where businesses can get help

Trends in Claims Handling

A Crawford & Company (Canada) Inc. Insurance Industry Update

The insurance industry is under constant pressure to improve customer service while also making the claims process and its outcome more cost-effective. The seemingly contradictory nature of these demands means that the industry is always looking for innovative ways to deal with this all-important aspect of its business. Crawford examines claims segmentation, outsourcing, technology and other trends in claims handling in this industry update.

Film and Television Production Claims in Canad

A Crawford & Company (Canada) Insurance Industry Update

The film and television production industry remains a significant contributor to Canada's economy, export market and labor force. This update includes information on the insurance coverage, policy conditions and type of claims often found in the industry and how to handle those claims.

Succession and Progression - A Relay Race

A Crawford & Company (Canada) Insurance Industry Update

A challenging labor market in Canada's property and casualty industry will make recruitment and retention a defining issue for companies seeking competitive advantage. Crawford & Company and other organizations discuss the general state of the workforce in Canada, the need to attract and retain talent in the industry, and specific plans for recruitment and succession.